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Our center is dedicated to bringing you the highest level of patient care combined with the most advanced reproductive technologies. We look forward to providing you a compassionate, personalized experience throughout your journey to realizing your dreams of having a family.

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After meeting for an initial consult with Dr. Allen, we will establish a treatment plan that meets your individual needs. We are here to answer your questions every step of the way and make the process as stress-free as possible.

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What our patients are saying

  • First things first, Dr. Rene Allen is in fact a MALE. I didn’t know this until I got there. And I wasn’t there for fertility reasons, just for an annual exam (which they do there in addition to fertility stuff). Despite the initial surprise that the gyno was a dude (and a young good looking one at that!) the visit went seamlessly. He was extremely professional, gentle, and asked all the right questions with no judgmental tone. Highly recommend him. He also discovered a thyroid problem I didn’t know ran in my family and I didn’t ask him to test for. Way to go!!

    – Anonymous Patient Testimonial

  • My wife and I had been trying to conceive a child for two years and we had no luck. Upon our first consultation visit with Dr. Allen we felt as if we were talking to a person who really cared about who we are and came across as if there was nothing more important in his life than helping us have a complete family. From my 28 years of going to Dr.’s for different reasons, no Dr. has ever compared to Dr. Allen. As of today, my wife is 6 weeks pregnant and feeling great.

    – Anonymous Patient Testimonial

  • Dr. Allen is professional, carrying, gentle and the best! I’m pregnant and almost in my second trimester. God bless you Dr. Allen!

    – Anonymous Patient Testimonial

  • Beautiful setting and wonderful reproductive endocrinologist. We are so lucky to have him in Santa Barbara. His staff are very talented and now include a famous embryologist.

    Soon he will have a world famous frozen egg donor bank. Who would not want to donate eggs and get a fabulous stay at the Upham Hotel and free spa treatments at Qui Si Bella!

    – Anonymous Patient Testimonial

  • Doctor Allen is not just an awesome doctor, he is also a great person! I had been to 2 other fertility doctors before and I am so glad that I ended up doing my IVF with Dr. Allen! He is really good! I never felt rushed during my visits, he always took time to explain me everything. He was very knowledgeable and caring at the same time. He was also very firm when he needed to be and I am thankful for that! I got pregnant on my second try and now I am 19 weeks pregnant, thanks to Dr. Allen and his staff.

    – Anonymous Patient Testimonial

  • Dr. Allen and their staff listened to our needs, explained every procedure, never made us feel rushed. Dr. Allen goes to conferences to keep up with the newest ideas in medicine – in fact our protocol for our third child reflected that.. They are all extremely understanding and very patient with my fear of needles – not easy when you are doing IVF. Dr. Allen even himself helped administer some of the shots for me when my husband wasn’t available.

    – Anonymous Patient Testimonial


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